Hanks Lucky Guy | 2008 Skipper W Stallion | Stud Fee: $850

Built to Produce Beauty and Performance

We are proud to announce Hanks Lucky, Guy, a foundation Quarter Horse stallion with a sweet disposition and exceptional conformation, athleticism and heart.

Hank represents the best of Skipper W…and then some!

A gorgeous sorrel stallion like Hank with lots of chrome is a great choice for your Skipper W-bred mares, or for any mare owner looking for a truly quality stallion who has it all!

Hank is not only a wonderful all-around horse and a great choice for any fan of Skipper W horses, but is the perfect match for those Skipper W mares who already have a cream dilution gene (buckskin, palomino, dun). Those mares, if bred to a stallion who also carries a dilution gene, are more likely to produce foals that are nearly albino (cremello, dunalino, perlino, etc). A sorrel stallion helps you to keep producing those sought-after palominos, buckskins and duns, and lessens the chance of the double dilution colors.

15.2 hands, 1250 pounds

AQHA 5-panel test negative:

  • HERDA  N/N
  • GBED N/N
  • PSSM1 N/N
  • HYPP N/N
  • MH N/N

AQHA DNA tested

EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis) tested negative and vaccinated

86% Foundation!

For those interested in what color foal you could have, check out this link:  Equine Coat Color Calculator  (Hanks Lucky Guy is solid chestnut, heterozygous Agouti (Aa), and a non-silver carrier)


 We saw the photos of Hanks Lucky Guy and we love his foundation breeding, but after meeting him in person, we were so impressed with his calm, friendly disposition, we decided to breed our mare, Sugar, to him.  We can hardly wait to see the baby! 
J. Pedersen